Isn’t All Martial Arts Fitness?

Have you ever wondered: isn’t all martial arts fitness? Or all martial arts essentially do the same thing, right? Sadly, no. In fact, some martial arts styles are great for fitness! But, martial arts styles aren’t all created equally. And this is particularly true regarding fitness and conditioning. We believe that all martial arts styles […]

Virtual Learning And Martial Arts

Traditionally, learning martial arts has been limited to In-Person classes. ¬†Fortunately,¬†interactive technologies now allow us to share the martial arts experience with a broader audience through virtual learning. Our experience shows that children and adults can consistently advance in the development of their martial arts skills through virtual learning. In fact, experts agree that a […]

What is K-1 Kickboxing

At Invictus Martial Arts we a mixed martial art style of kickboxing called K-1 Kickboxing. Now, we don’t know about you but some people have wondered… What is K-1 Kickboxing? K-1 is a modern martial art that was first conceptualized in 1980 and started in Japan as a competition. It eventually became popularized as a […]